Sprained Ankle Rehab

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Ankle sprain treatment

Ankle sprain refers to a kind of injury that occurs when one accidentally rolls on or twists his ankle. This can also be caused by missing a step on a staircase and landing on the other foot suddenly. The sudden pain that results from an ankle sprain can be due to stretching or even tearing of ligaments that hold the ankle in position.


Ankle sprain treatment mostly involves restoring the torn ligaments that are found on the exterior part of the ankle. The ligaments are tough band tissues that help in stabilizing joints as well as preventing excessive movements of joints. Exceeding the normal range of the ligament movement results to the spraining.

In ankle sprain treatment, pain reduction is as important as restoring the motion, strength of the ligament tissues. Depending on the severity of the ankle sprain, treatment may involve surgery in order to restore the damaged tissues. In some less severe cases self-care treatment measures with over the counter medication are prescribed. In addition to these, physical therapy may be prescribed during the recovery period and this is aimed at ensuring the patient regains fully from the sprained ankle.

There are several methods of ankle sprain treatment and the most commonly used techniques include the HEM Ankle rehab and RICE methods.

HEM ankle treatment has gained immense popularity and thousands of people use it occasionally. This is because it follows a very simple procedure and healing does not take a longer period. Moreover it is a method that has been proved to work to people of different ages as well as all types of ankle sprains.

HEM ankle sprain rehab is mainly aimed at reducing swellings and pain naturally as well as increasing the stability and strength of ankle joints. Sprain pains are subdued in 3-7 days using the HEM rehab treatment method and this has made it the best-selling ankle sprain treatment.

The RICE method is a combination of four main procedures which are rest, ice, compression and elevation. Patients with severe ankle sprains are advised to use clutches to avoid straining the ligament tissues of the ankle. Icing is done mainly to prevent the ankle from swelling and also to stop any internal breeding in the torn ligaments of the ankle. After icing the ankle is wrapped with a flexible bandage until the swelling subsides. Elevating the injured ankle helps in draining off fluids from the sprained ankle.

Although the two methods are widely used as ankle sprain treatment methods, reviews have shown that most people opt for the HEM ankle rehab and this can be attributed to the shorter healing period associated with this method. More to this the HEM ankle sprain rehab method is easier to follow and can be bought online and customers who have used it have given a positive review opinions not only on its safety but also on the ease of use.

Among the major fields that HEM ankle rehab is prominent include athletics and soccer fields. With good treatment and therapy, ligament tissue are restored and the patient can resume their usual chores gradually.